Gift Registry Tutorial

Step 1: Head to the login page by clicking the icon above.


Step 2: Login to your account or register a new one.


Step 3: Navigate to the "Gift Registry" menu item above.


Step 4: In here you can Find, Create, and Manage registries. Click on "Create" button.


Step 5: Fill up the details about your registry.


Step 6: Fill up your contact information and shipping information which will be used for checkout. You can also choose whether you want a different shipping information before/after the event or you can just leave it the same as your contact information.


Step 7: Make sure to complete the captcha (cAsE sEnSiTiVe) and click the "Create My Registry" button.


Step 8: After creating your registry, click on the text to browse our collection and start adding items to your registry.


Step 9: Choose and select from our products.


Step 10: Be sure to choose the correct variation and quantity and click on the "Add to Registry" button.


Step 11: When you are done, navigate back to the top and find the "Gift Registry" menu item.


Step 12: Click on the "Manage" button.


Step 13: All of your registries are listed here. Click on the name of the registry that you want to view/edit.


Step 14: After adding products to the registry, here you can view/edit the products you added.


Step 15: When you are done and ready the registry to your friends and family, navigate to the top and click on "Share".


Step 16: Here you can get a link to share to your friends and family or you can post it on your social media.


Congratulations! You just made your own registry that your friends and family can use for easier checkout. You can also create more registries for different events.